Kids in Technology Class


Is your child ready for tomorrow?

Spark creativity and bolster a deep interest in Science, Math and Arts in children and young adults through hands-on practical learning by "Making"! education


  • 35,000+ students taught

  • 500+ program themes

  • Project Based Learning

  • Hands-On and Practical

  • Small Student/Teacher Ratio

  • Art infused fun programs

  • Build confidence & grit

  • Critical logical thinking

  • Creative problem solving

  • Teamwork

  • Design Thinking

  • Entrepreneurial thinking

This is where scientific inquiry reigns supreme — traditionally this includes physics, biology, chemistry, and other areas of study.

This is where scientific knowledge is applied for practical purposes, creating new machinery and new processes that transform society.

This is where science and math are used to solve practical problems.

This is  more active and engaging way of learning and understand the aesthetic designs .

This includes pure and applied math, and all the various subfields of mathematical analysis