About Us

Steam Works Studio Canada was established in February 2019 & is a subsidiary company of Steam Works Studio LLC. based out of Princeton, New Jersey, United States. Steam Works Studio started a humble beginning in a shared space teaching middle school robotics in 2014. As of today, we have now taught STEAM programs to more than 45,000+ children (age 5-18 yrs.) across all our centers in the last 8+ years!


Our mission is to spark creativity & bolster a deep interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Mathematics in children & young adults through hands-on practical learning by "Making”.


STEAM Works Studio aims to deliver a balanced, STEAM focused education that equips and empowers our learners with the skills, knowledge, & experience vital for their success. Our students will become innovators, pacesetters, & visionaries who are able to stand out amongst their peers in the 21st century world!