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About Us

STEAM Works Studio Canada was established in February 2019 & is a subsidiary company of STEAM Works Studio LLC. based out of Princeton, New Jersey, United States. STEAM Works Studio started a humble beginning in a shared space teaching middle school robotics in 2014. As of today, we have now taught STEAM programs to more than 45,000+ children (age 5-18 yrs.) across all our centres in the last 8+ years!



Our mission is to spark creativity & bolster a deep interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Mathematics in children & young adults through hands-on practical learning by "Making”.

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STEAM Works Studio aims to deliver a balanced, STEAM focused education that equips and empowers our learners with the skills, knowledge, & experience vital for their success. Our students will become innovators, pacesetters, & visionaries who are able to stand out amongst their peers in the 21st century world!

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Our students create video games, cartoons, 3D printed designs, circuits, code games & apps, make robots, participate in competitions & much more! No matter whom they grow up to be, these children will take advantage of what they learn with us. STEAM Works Studio combines in-person, online, & hybrid STEAM learning in the most cutting edge programs necessary for children 5 to 18 years. Our team consists of fun teachers, artists, makers, & content developers who love children & aspire to make STEAM programming simple, exciting, useful & fun!

Expertly Designed Creative & Fun Curriculum

Robotics (LEGO Mindstorms EV3, VEX), 3D Printing and Modeling, Animation (SCRATCH and Blender), Lasers and Optics in Physics, Maths beyond Schools, Website Design, Java and C++ Programming, Practical Electronics, Fun with Arduino and more. You are absolutely at the right place with 500+ of the coolest program themes imaginable!

Plan & Track your Child's Progress

We help create a personalized Student STEAM Roadmap from the outset through which teachers and parents can track progress as a student goes from session to session or course to course irrespective of the type or mix of classes. A sharable Student Portfolio is maintained of all projects and subjects learnt. A fun award system and real-world practical problems encourage your child to push their creative envelope.

Small Classes & a Launch Pad for Competitions

We keep our class sizes small to provide that special individual attention that makes such a big difference. With hands-on tech savvy & fun loving teachers & a wonderful centre your child is going to want to come back again & again. Whether it is VEX Robotics Competitions or LEGO JrFLL or FLL, Mathematics Olympiads we prepare and challenge your child to participate in various competitions & exhibitions!

Our Approach

Project Based Learning: Includes reflection, research, discovery, application, and communication.

Activity Based: Our curriculum consists of unique activities designed to teach, challenge and allow for creative exploration.

Breadth of Learning: Our four categories of education encourage students to learn beyond one discipline and from one area to another.

Check Out This Video:

WHAT WE DO - The STEAM Works Studio Experience

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