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Make it Shine! Make it Yours!


Own a Partner Centre

Is Owning a Steam Works Studio Partner Centre the Right Choice for You?

  • Are you an aspiring entrepreneur?

  • There are a lot of programs to choose from but are you a true believer of tinkering and hands-on project based learning?

  • Do you have a science, education, technology, management or business background?

  • Interested in making a significant impact on Canadian children's education? 


1. A parent/individual who has science, education, business or engineering background.
2. Real life sales, management, technology experience that you can bring to the table.
3. Are you a local community influencer with a great family network?
4. Passion for science for kids and hands-on education ex. DIY tinkering & making, coding or driving innovation in education outside what is taught in school.
5. Would you be able to dedicate a minimum of 25 hours per week to grow the centre? 
It does not happen overnight. You build the STEAM community!


Great Ventures Start from Small Beginnings...


The Steam Works Studio partnership combines extraordinary financial opportunity with the power to make a profound and lasting impact on the lives of children in your community.

  • Our partners all over the world trust us with high quality content and a solid support infrastructure.

  • A time tested revenue model that simply works!

  • Best-in-class, cutting edge programs every year.

  • Extensive support system for marketing, sales, centre management.

  • LIVE continuous teacher training!

  • In-house kits and supplies.

  • Tried and tested fun programs on 45,000+ students.

Ready to Take the Next Step... Become a STEAM Works Studio Canada Partner Centre?
Do let us know by filling out the following, click "FORM":

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